First Impression: Morphe 35B Colour Burst Palette

Happy Thursday Guys,

Is it just me or is the craze for popping eye makeup looks trending again? The Morphe website had a sale on, so I decided to pick up a few items including the Jaclyn Hill palette (It was half price!), some gel liners and of course this beautiful palette.

35B Palette

My First Impression

OMG! I adore this palette and can imagine why it is a fave amongst professional make-up artists.

The Packaging

The packaging is simply stunning, sleek, and slimline considering there are 35 shades housed in here, surprisingly! light too. The design is minimalistic yet appealing and follows Morphe signature branding theme, which I love.


The Shades

Cult Beauty (2020) describes this palette as starring a multitude of statement brights – true purples sit alongside sunshine yellows and flamingo pinks – it’s hard not to lust after this universal palette.

Row 1: Chalk, Pillow, Heart, Wild Berry, Moss Boss, Ink, Deep Dive

Row 2: Pale, Bubble Gum, Lollipop, Pixie, Apple Cider, Lavender, Sky

Row 3: Fairy, Smoothie, Pom Pom, Fuchsia, Ziggy, Purplish, Azure

Row 4: Lemonade, Brilliant, Chicory, Bikini, Earthy, Grape Pop, Denim

Row 5: Sunshine, Watermelon, Puffs, Beets Me, Forest, Frosty, Pebble

Makeup Look

Morphe Makeup look

WOW! How pigmented are these shades? They are easy to work with and blend effortlessly. One point worth considering is that the matte shades do have slight fallout, so I’d definitely recommend completing your eyes first.


  • I feel this palette is value for money. The palette contains 35 shades and costs £24, this works out approximately £0.69 per eyeshadow
  • The colour range is gorgeous, allowing you to create a versatile range of makeup looks (subtle to dramatic)
  • The shades are buttery, pigmented and easy to work with
  • Its lightweight and slimline
  • Its universal

Have you tried Morphe Palettes, what are your thoughts?

Until my next post,

 JKBeautyTake Xo

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