Hello & welcome back to another very exciting post…

I know it has been a hot minute keeping my blog up to date, fresh and current. These past few months, honestly speaking, I have lacked passion, motivation and creativity to write something exciting here at JKBeautyTake, that was until…

The Makeup Queen, HudaBeauty dropped 5 new gorgeous eyeshadow palettes each inspired and named after precious stones -Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst.

Each palette represents its own uniqueness and houses 9 shades containing a mixture of duo chrome, matte and shimmer shades, themed around its gemstone family. Of Course, I wanted all 5! However, being a first time user of the brand I wanted to purchase just one to see how I get on.

After careful consideration, I opted to purchase the stunning ‘Sapphire’ palette for £24.99 on the CultBeauty website. The main reason I chose this palette is because blue is just the coolest pop of colour and compliments brown eyes nicely, it’s also very current and popular with the likes of Kim K and her recent eyeshadow palette with makeup by Mario.

My First Impression

Have I been deceived? The palette is a lot smaller than anticipated.


The Packaging

The packaging is simply stunning, a cute, compact container displaying a gem emblem on the front which reflects each of the 9 eyeshadow shades, which are to be found inside. 5 of the shades are duo chrome shimmers and 4 creamy mattes.


This lil gem is the perfect size for anyone who is constantly on the go, travelling or wishing to keep a palette in their bag in case of an emergency. It’s light, versatile and even comes with a mirror! (Win Win situation!)

The Shades

This palette holds the perfect hues of blue ranging from deep blue to turquoise with a pop of zesty yellow and silver which compliments the blue shades well.


Kattan (2018) explains on her blog “Sapphire is perfect for “creating bold new looks.”

Makeup Looks 

Blue Example WM

I found that the matte shades are extremely pigmented and creamy. The Duo chrome shades are quite sheer on application with a dry brush. The best and most effective way is to wet the brush and then press the shade on to your lids rather than a blending motion.


  • I feel this palette is value for money. The palette contains 9 shades and costs £25, this works out approximately £2.78 per eyeshadow
  • The colour range is gorgeous, and you can create a vast range of makeup looks – The Zesy yellow shades is perfect for a pop of colour
  • The shades are pigmented and easy to work with
  • Its compact size makes this palette travel friendly

Have you tried the new Huda Beauty Precious Stones Palette, what are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for my next post…

JKBeautyTake Xo

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