Firstly I cannot believe we are in March and secondly I cannot get over that it’s snowing here in March! with that being said I’d like to welcome you to my first fashion post. I have been home bound and have had plenty of time to online shop and research what is currently trending in the fashion world. I came across polka dots, colour blocks, Adidas originals, slogan t-shirts and a tonne of sporty stripe athleisure wear which I am actually loving.

So let’s get in to the exciting part of this post…

GUCCI has taken the world by storm and I’m pretty sure that all fashionista’s can identify a Gucci product when they see one? Especially when it comes to the brands signature house stripe. Well, I just so happened to be browsing the Boohoo website where I came across a T-shirt which literally gave me ‘Gucci Vibes’! A simple Tee with a green and red stripe across the chest.

Instantly ‘Gucci’, ‘Gucci’ ‘Gucci’ flagged up in my head, I mean it is extremely similar to Gucci and of course I’d seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing items inspired by the brand. I thought to myself let me just click ‘Buy Now’ and see how I get on.

Things on my mind before clicking ‘Buy Now’?

#1 – It’s a Gucci dupe! Am I going to feel comfortable wearing this?

#2 – Will the item look luxurious and of good quality?

#3 – The price is a no brainer – I have to click buy now!  Considering the real deal is £350!

My First Impression

So my parcel has arrived (Thank god for next day UK delivery), I ordered the top in both Black and White in a UK 10. My first impression of the items is that they look in good shape – the neck line, shoulders and sleeves look like it’s going to fit decent, the material looks and feels inexpensive (100% Polyester) and reminded me of my old football shirts. Lastly the stripe definitely corresponds to Gucci, nonetheless the real test is how it looks and feels on….

My Style

I visualise wearing these statement tops with a plain trouser whether it be jeans or leggings. For this particular look I styled it with leggings and wore it more casually around the house, but I definitely believe it can be dressed up easily.

My choice of makeup is a lot more daring as opposed to other looks/posts you might have read of mine. I opted for a red lip as I just felt this would bring something new to the look and really set the top off!


  • The fit of the top is great – I tucked the bottom of the top into the leggings to give more shape on the waist as I believe it looks more flattering on my body shape. The fabric is also comfortable, stretchy and you can easily move around
  • The price is great for a high-end designer dupe, it looks a lot more expensive when styled
  • Finally, if I had to choose just one colour I would have to choose black and that’s simply because black goes with everything

I hope you all enjoyed my first fashion post and this bargain find. I’d love to know if you will be purchasing – leave me a comment below.


Until My Next Post, Stay Warm ❤


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Disclaimer: This product is not in any way a fake / knock off.

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