First Impression: Laura Geller ‘Get Gilded’ Palette

Now everyone has heard of Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey highlighter, am I right? Well this beautiful palette is inspired by the famous product. I have always had ‘Laura Geller’ and ‘Gilded Honey’ in the back of my mind but have never truly been enticed to try the brand or its products… That was until my online makeup shopping venture landed me straight to this palette at an expensive cost of £13.50 on a website called Escentual.

1 WM.png

Things on my mind before clicking ‘Buy Now’?

#1 – I know the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlighter is a must-have for all makeup enthusiasts so maybe her other products will be just as good

#2 – Reading the product description, words such as ‘Sun kissed’, ‘Radiant, ‘Glowy, ‘Healthy Skin’ spoke to me immediately

#3 – The product range available can be used for multi-purpose

#4 – The price is a no brainer – I just have to click buy!, considering this palette is A LOT more expensive on reputable online retailers such as Cult Beauty (£33!)

I value multi-purpose palettes and this Laura Geller one is no exception. Featuring 3 beautiful 0.4g eyeshadows, a 1.2g blush, an extremely glossy 6.5ml lip gloss and a dual ended travel brush, this palette is designed to create a sun-kissed effortless look.

The Packaging

Personally I consider the appearance of packaging even before getting to the product itself. I am seriously impressed with the stylish bronze-y, rose gold box which is embossed with the brand’s logo written in gold. I feel the colours truly represent and reflect everything this palette stands for ‘Sun Kissed’.4 WM.png

Inside you will find a good size mirror along with the 3 eyeshadows sitting radiantly next to the blush.  The second row contains the lip gloss and the third holds the dual-ended travel brush. I love the placement of the products, It is extremely compact and perfectly positioned.

5 WM

The Shades

The eyeshadows/blush shades as described my Laura Geller:

Swatches WM



Dolce – Shimmering Champagne

Honey – Golden Honeysuckle

Raisin – Warm, Golden Plum-brown

Gilded Nectar – Perfect Peachy-Pink flush with Gold Flecks


On application, I found that the shades are sheer and light, but can be built up depending if you want little or as much glow. I love all the shades and believe they can be used to create a variety of makeup looks. I feel that the shades Dolce and Honey will make beautiful highlighters as well as serving their purpose as eyeshadows. I will be sticking to ‘Raisin’ as an eyeshadow only, simply because it is a lot darker and I feel that shade will give more dimension to the eye. Meanwhile the blusher will be used on both my cheeks and eyes.

Here is an image of the glow using the Dolce eyeshadow as a highlighter. I LOVE IT!Picture Highlighter WM.png


  • I am happy to have tried and tested this palette
  • The set contains 6 products and costs £13.50 – this calculates to £2.25 for each lil compartment. This is not so bad especially if you’re like me and just wanting to try and familiarise yourself with the brand
  • The shades included definitely correspondent to the palettes values – they’ll have you glowing, gleaming and radiating all day long
  • I feel the shades offered in this set will allow you to create versatile looks ranging from day to night (Dolce, Honey and Gilded Nectar for day looks and Raisin leaning towards night looks)
  • The compact size of this palette means that it’s convenient whilst travelling or on the go
  • Lastly, they’re pigmented and of excellent quality

This is a definite must-grab for all those who love  glowing and illuminating all day every day. I hope you all enjoyed my review and in light of this post I have decided to run a lil competition to win this palette… All you have to do is…


With Love JKBeautyTake Xo

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