First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude Lipstick Set

With 17.2 million followers on the remarkable Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram account, there is no wonder the Beauty Sensation keeps dropping some of the most talked about products in the world! From the infamous Brow Wiz (Read my review here), liquid lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes, I was extremely intrigued when I came across the Limited Edition Nude Mini Matte Lipstick Set on the Cult Beauty website.

Things on my mind before clicking ‘Buy Now’?

#1 – It’s ABH! This is the most obvious reason I have to purchase this set in a heartbeat

#2 – The set resembles my top 3 favourite nude/pink lipsticks shades from the Kate Moss Rimmel London Range (Read my review here)

#3 – Researching and reading the product description, words such as ‘Super soft’, ‘Flawless lips on the go’, ‘Pigmented Formula’, ‘Comfortable’ and ‘Long-lasting Matte finish’ are all qualities and expectations I look for when purchasing high-end lipsticks.

#4 – I am also Impressed that all ABH lipsticks are cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Truthfully speaking, I have never looked at this when purchasing products but it’s rewarding to know that with this purchase comes a greater cause (Bonus!)

#5 – Will the formula be suitable for my lips? Having tried Matte lipsticks before I find them extremely drying and enhancing the lines in my lips…

ABH 1 wm

At a £22 cost, I appreciate that 4 lipsticks, each containing 1.3g are housed in this assortment. Being an almost first-time user of the brand (In terms of a product other than the brow wiz), this set marks the opportunity for me to experiment the quality and hype surrounding the ABH brand and its products. As there are 30 shades available within the matte collection, this set will allow me to familiarise myself with a handful of them as opposed to purchasing just one full size lipstick, containing 3.2g of product, which costs £18.

ABH 6 WM.png

The Packaging

I absolutely adore the packaging – Laying elegantly, the see through top prominently displays the 4 lipsticks sitting in a luxurious slide out black and rose gold sturdy box.

Comparable to the packaging, the lipstick itself is also shelled in a high gloss black and rose gold finish and if that isn’t enough…The side of the lid is engraved with ‘‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’, along with the logo and on the bottom, the names of each lipstick.

Based on the packaging alone, I am in love! I have even gone as far as imagining using these lipsticks at parties and special events and cannot wait to whip them out of my sparkly clutch – the packaging is just so beautiful and classy!


The Shades

The shades included in this set are described by Anastasia Beverly Hills as:

ABH Swatches WM


Dead Roses – Rosy Lilac

Kiss – Rose petal pink

Soft Pink – Blushing Pink

Spice – Rosy Oak





For me, matte lipstick formulas always have me in question. I worry that they are going to be extremely drying on the lips and as a result accentuating the lines. On application:

  • I did find them to be drying and drag across my lips
  • I had to apply each shade between 2-3 times for the pigment to appear
  • Once on the lip they sat comfortably and didn’t budge

Out of the 4 shades, Soft Pink and Kiss were my favourite (I told you they remind me of my usual Rimmel ones – Shade 101 and 03!) I feel that these shades suit my complexion and make me look younger as opposed to wearing Dead Roses and Spice which I felt made me look older.


Dead roses definitely has a lilac / purple undertone. I never wear shades this colour perhaps because it is out of my comfort zone. I quite liked it on me, maybe it will take some time getting used to.


I’d love to know what you guys think about this shade on me – leave me a comment in the comments section below 🙂 

Spice, was also another one I was on the fence with.

Spice wm.png


  • I am happy to have tried and tested these lipsticks.
  • The set contains 4 lipsticks and costs £22 – this calculates to £5.50 each for a 1.3g mini lipstick. This is quite expensive in comparison to purchasing a Full Size Drugstore lipstick which is around this price.
  • The shades included are flattering and feminine, I adore the shades Soft Pink and Kiss and would consider purchasing these as full sizes in the future.
  • I feel the shades offered in this set will allow you to create versatile looks ranging from day to night (Kiss, Spice for Day looks and Dead Roses and Soft Pink for evening looks paired with a smoky eye – it’ll look great!)
  • The compact size of each lipstick means they can be placed in smaller cross body/clutch bags easily which is always a benefit
  • They’re Pigmented, comfortable and have longevity

I hope you all enjoyed this review, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

Lots of Love,

JKBeautyTake Xo

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4 thoughts on “First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude Lipstick Set

  1. These are all such beautiful colours! Soft pink is definitely my favourite colour, and it really suits you too, but honestly, they all look amazing on you.
    I love this review and your photos!
    Aycan xx

    Liked by 1 person

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