Review & Swatches: My First 2 MAC Lipsticks

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I have always been in awe when I walk past the MAC lipstick section, the slight variation in shades all positioned in a beautiful sequential placement always leaves me overwhelmed, resulting in me leaving empty handed because I want them ALL and cannot simply select a few. My choice is also driven by the cost of each lipstick -£15.50. I, myself, cannot justify spending this amount on 1 lipstick, as I usually spend £10.98 on 2 of my favourite lipstick combos of all time! (Read Review Here)

It was only until last Summer 2016 that I decided to venture away from my comfort zone (The usual nude/pinks) and wanted to create makeup looks that were a bit more daring with a pop of colour for the summer season. For a while, I had also been considering the MAC brand (I mean it was about time right?) So I purchased the colours Vegas Volt and Relentlessly Red.

MAC – Vegas Volt

MAC describes Vegas Volt as a ‘full power coral’ in an amplified crème finish. The amplified formula is rich and intense with no shimmer or frost. The lipstick glides on effortlessly and once applied leaves your lips looking moist and slightly glossy. Due to the creamier formula, the lipstick has moderate longevity compared to the retro Matte formula. I found after I ate, I needed to reapply. Being of Indian origin, Vegas Volt makes my skin look tanned, golden and a lot brighter. Feels like summer all year round!

MAC – Relentlessly Red

MAC describes Relentlessly Red as a ‘Bright pinkish coral matte’ in a retro matte finish. Unlike the amplified formula, applying this lipstick on to my lips proved to be a lot more difficult as the product is extremely drying. I felt like the lipstick was dragging against my lips. On the other hand, the pigment is extremely vibrant making it extremely long wearing.


Overall, I have summarised my thoughts on each lipstick. The Vegas Volt lipstick formula is more favourable in my opinion however I am torn towards Relentlessly Reds pigment, colour pay off and long wear, both in my eyes are value for money and beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing some more lipsticks in the future.

Vegas Volt:VV4WM.jpg

+Intense colour pay off
+Moderate longevity
+Easy to apply
+Creamy formula
+Comfortable on the lips



Relentlessly Red:

+Intense pigmentation
+Long wearing
-Drying formula
-Difficult to apply


What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Also if you’d like me to review any products in particular please let me know.

Until my next post, hugs.

JKBeautyTake Xo

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